Ours is a team of talented, knowledgeable and experienced trainers. We are passionate about fitness and health and truly love helping others achieve their goals. We are committed to bettering our athletes and guiding them to success. We are proud to offer customized training plans that have proven to show results.

The CrossFit program is designed for universal scalability. This makes it so that anyone regardless of age, size, shape, and weight can participate. However, it does take a committed individual who wants results to participate.

We don’t have treadmills, stationary weight machines or mirrors. Instead, we have pull-up bars, barbells, kettlebells and wide-open spaces for squatting, running, jumping, lifting and throwing. Our workouts are comprised of exercises that mimic everyday movements and situations. CrossFit is more than just a daily workout routine which you have to do all by yourself at the gym. It’s fun, safe, and best of all, it gets results.

Olympic lifting has become a major part of CrossFit, and is one of the biggest components that separates us from any other training regimens. In order for the lifting to be useful, your movement must be safe and efficient. Our belief is that Olympic Weightlifting should be performed with a coach right by your side.

This class is highly recommended to those who want to learn proper technique and lift heavy weight. No matter your skill level we are confident that attending Olympic Weightlifting class will make you a better athlete.

Classes are held Tuesday and Thursday nights at 6:15pm

Mobility by definition means: the ability to move or be moved freely and easily. We apply this concept to you body, and more specifically your joints Ultimately, the goal of our mobility class is to resolve pain, prevent injury and optimize athletic performance.

In this class we will focus on common areas of joint instability, tightness and impingement. We may perform anywhere between 6 – 10 movements over the hour. This class will often involve working in pairs and will utilize mobility tools such as resistance bands, baseballs, peanuts, plates or barbells.